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Android Screen Grabber

Discussion in 'Archive' started by abrenoch, 16 February 2018.

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  1. gogui63

    gogui63 New Member

    RPi3, 32/64bit
    @StimpyMGS Have you tried to bypass DRM ? Do you have any news about magisk + root + android grabber + netflix :) I'm very intersting about this feature, I have a Nvidia Shield too
  2. pho08

    pho08 Member

    thank you abrenoch for your work!

    finally got fed up waiting for Kodi19/HDR support for my RPI i went out and got a FireTV 4k Stick. and i have to say that i am very impressed with its performance so far.

    anyway, what i wanted to share is that the combination of FireTV 4k + Kodi + Hyperion Android Grabber finally enables me to playback 4k HDR/DolbyVision X265 videos WITH ambilight! :)

    i cannot confirm the issue described here https://github.com/abrenoch/hyperion-android-grabber/issues/112 -- it just works for me (however, i have not tried any streaming/input stream apps, just playing videos streamed from my local emby server)

    the only issue that remains are the washed out HDR colors.
    with the external grabber i was able to alleviate the problem at least a bit by upping saturation/contrast with v4l2-ctl. Would it be possible to implement something like this for the android grabber as well? Adjusting brightness/saturation/contrast threshholds?
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Thread Status:
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