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Developer invite and overview

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Rick164, 4 June 2016.

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  1. Rick164

    Rick164 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    RPi2, +Arduino, +AtmoOrb
    Hi Guys,

    Noticed we got a lot more development going lately which is great and wondering if some of you like @redPanther and @penfold42 want to join our Hyperion-project as official team members :) , what we're currently lacking in the development area is:

    - Review process

    We already do our best to go over every commit however we aren't dedicated C++ developers so makes it harder and more time consuming while also running the risk of bugs.

    - Road map

    What features or improvements does the community want, we already have a list for this however no easy way to know if someone wants to pick this up so remains in limbo.

    - App development

    Thanks to other developers we got this going already which will support all the new Hyperion features (auto-discovery / calibration), I'm currently assigned to this but might need some additional help later on so anyone with Xamarin expertise to supply a few pointers is much appreciated :)
    Was hoping to get a working version this week but work / RL stuff got in between so first release delayed till next week.
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Thread Status:
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