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LED's on static RED they all flash BLUE

Discussion in 'Hyperion General' started by Mas0x, 19 April 2018.

  1. Mas0x

    Mas0x New Member

    RPi2, +PhilipsHue
    As the title says... I have an issue where my leds when set to solid RED the all flash BLUE?

    Has anyone ever encountered this and managed to solve it?

    Regard Mas0x


    After more testing when set to solid GREEN the whole strip flashes white, is this a grounding issue?

    EDIT 2:

    Some more information... the whole strip from start to finish flash together, this is not individual leds but the strip as a hole. I'm aware that some connections if touched cause part of the strip to not even light up, which is why I believe this is a ground issue.
    Last edited: 19 April 2018